History of the Belasco Theatre

Upon its opening in 1907, the Belasco Theatre was known as the Stuyvesant Theatre, designed by architect George Keister. There was a ten-room duplex penthouse apartment that the impresario, David Belasco lived and worked in. 

Antionette Perry, now the namesake for the Tony awards, was a cast member of the theatres first musical, A Grandy Army Man. When it opened the theatre utilized all of the latest technology of its time including lighting rigs, a hydraulic system, and a wing and fly space.

In 1910 Belasco renamed the theatre and it became the Belasco Theatre. Several years after Belasco's death the Shuberts bought the theatre and leased it to NBC for three years before returning it to its intended use. 

The Belasco's longest running show was Hedwig and the Angry Inch which opened in 2014 and featured a joke about a fictional show that took place at the Belasco.

There are rumors that David Belasco's ghost haunts the Theatre every night but he allegedly stopped appearing after the musical revue, Oh! Calcutta! played at the theatre. 

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