How to Rock Your Nails Like a Broadway Star! (with photos)

These Broadway Nail decals are the perfect way to showoff your love of Broadway! They're easy and fun to apply!

The application process is quick and easy:

1) Grab your Broadway nail decals, tweezers, clear nail polish, ad a small bowl or cup of water

2) Polish your nails any color you like (light colors work best) and let them dry

3) Cut out desired nail decals as close as you can to the image and set aside

4) Apply a layer of clear nail polish to your nail, this will act as adhesive

5) Place the decal into water with tweezers for 10-15 seconds then take out of water and gently slide the decal off the paper backing

Broadway Nail Art

6) Use your finger to press the nail decal down onto your nail so that it is smooth

7) Apply a top coat of clear nail polish and allow to dry completely

8) Show off your new nail decals to all your friends!

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