New Additions to the Theatre District

Besides attending any of the fabulous Broadway production whose marquees light up the streets of midtown, there are countless other things to do in the Theatre District. In addition to attending theatrical performances, there are a number of museums and fun exhibits to visit before you must take your seat for that night’s show.

As you walk about town, you may realize, around every corner is a theater. New York is not short on them. Recently, a new theater has been added to the New York theater scene but it does not house Broadway performances and it might be hard to locate while on the street. Birdland, a premier jazz venue, has been stirring up the New York nightlife for over 65 years. Birdland is known for their famous jazz acts while providing a “relaxed but entertaining atmosphere” for their viewers.

The Birdland Jazz Club was not satisfied with just providing jazz to New York’s visitors, so they set out to create a theater to provide more entertainment for their guests. The new Birdland Theater opened late this September. This venue is located directly under the Birdland Jazz Club and is able to accommodate 100 guests at any given performance. Under the programming leadership of Ryan Paternite and Jim Caruso, this new performance space will feature cabaret, jazz, dance, burlesque, comedy, and more. In addition to such performances, the Birdland Theater will continue bringing Broadway favorites and off-Broadway productions to their stage.

Additionally, if you need a break from the craziness of midtown Manhattan or feel like embarking on an adventure before taking a seat for a two-plus hour production of your soon to be new favorite musical, seek out Gulliver’s Gate. Although not as new as the Birdland Theater, Gulliver’s Gate opened its doors to the public a little over a year ago. This amazing exhibit features over 4o cities within five different continents. It allows you to visit New York City, Great Britain, Europe, Russia, Mecca, Asia, Jerusalem, Latin America, the Great Pyramids, and many more amazing locations around the globe. You may think that all of that is the best part, but it’s not. This exhibit is a “50,000 square foot interactive Museum of Miniatures.” It features 967 building, 9,891 windows, 102 bridges, 233 cars, and 47 pizza joints. With modern technology, anything is possible.

From Broadway shows to jazz clubs, from being one of the most happening cities on the planet to housing many of the world's most famous attractions in a 50,000 square feet area, Manhattan has it all. So whether you are looking for an escape from a full-length Broadway musical but can’t resist the pull of theater in Manhattan or are looking for something interesting to walk through before dinner and a show, be sure to check out all the attractions within the Theatre District.

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