New Beginnings and Sad Endings

The spring marks new beginnings and sadly, some endings. Be More Chill will be making its first on-Broadway appearance in the spring with previews beginning in February with the official opening night taking place on March 10th.  Sadly, Kinky Boots will be taking its final bows in those glorious red boots on April 7th.

Be More Chill, a musical with music and lyrics by Joe Iconis and a book by Joe Tracz will be making its first appearance on a Broadway stage in February, officially opening in March. Starting at the Two Rivers Theater in New Jersey, this exciting and “relatable” musical was perceived very well with sold-out performances both in New Jersey and off-Broadway. Before the announcement of the Broadway production, Be More Chill was off-Broadway at the Irene Diamond Stage at the Pershing Square Signature Center from July to September 2018.

Now that I have provided you with background information about the show, you will definitely want to know what the show is about so that you can purchase your tickets for this exciting musical. We have all experienced the hell of high school. Whether you are/were in the popular crowd focused on looks and relationships or in the other crowd who enjoyed studying and video games, you will enjoy this musical. It is very relatable. The main character, Jeremy, and his best friend Michael are among the latter group just trying to survive high school. Jeremy is offered a magical/scientific fix to his problem of being a loser. Will he accept the offer and give up his lame high school life? How will the characters deal with the troubles and tribulations of high-school? Purchase your tickets for this coming spring to find out how Jeremy and Michael fare!

On the flipside, a lively and colorful musical will be taking its final bows this coming spring. Opening six years ago in March at the Al Hirschfeld theater, Kinky Boots will become the 25th longest-running production in Broadway history. Kinky Boots will be taking its final bows on April 7th. Having its roots in Chicago, the show had toured throughout the nation and the world allowing many to experience the excitement.

Worried you won’t get a chance to see this show? Don’t be! You still have six months to see the show about  Charlie Price and his climb to greatness. After the death of his father, Charlie inherited a shoe factory which he was determined to distance himself from originally. In order to save the business, he formed an unlikely partnership with a cabaret performer and drag queen, Lola. Together, the two created a line of high-heeled boots which was the complete opposite of the boring, expensive men’s shoes initially produced.  Will Charlie and Lola be able to save the business? Come find out before the red high-heeled boots march off Broadway.

Whether you are in the mood for an exciting show about red, sparkly boots and their creators or the hells of high school, be sure to visit Broadway this upcoming spring, 2019. Don’t miss out on the chance to be among the last to see Kinky Boots or the first to see Be More Chill!

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