Theatre Ghosts

Broadway has its fair share of superstitions. You aren't supposed to whistle or say the name Macbeth in a theatre but perhaps the most superstitious tradition in the Theatre is the Ghost Light. 

Every Broadway theatre will leave a solitary light illuminated on the stage every night. While there are practical reasons for it, The Ghost Light is supposed to allow Theatre Ghosts a chance to perform on the stage long after the Theatre empties. Theatre Ghosts are actually quite common, here are some of the most famous Ghosts that are said to be haunting Broadway theatres. 

Olive Thomas had been a Ziegfeld girl in the 1910's and enjoyed great success on stage. However, in 1920 she died after taking a bottle of blue pills. Shortly after her death stagehands at the New Amsterdam began to see Olive around the Theatre, holding a blue bottle. She is still said to be spotted regularly at the Theatre, only causing trouble whenever there is a change in the theatre of some kind or when people from her generation come and visit. 

David Belasco is said to haunt the Theatre that carries his name. During his life, he made his apartment atop the Belasco Theatre and it is said that people will often hear footsteps coming from the apartments despite the fact it is sealed off. Belasco had committed his life to Theatre so it would make sense for him to spend his death in the place he loved. 

The Palace Theatre is said to be the most haunted theatre on Broadway. There have been sightings of over a hundred different ghosts within its walls. The only ghost you should try to avoid is the spirit of a Vaudeville performer who fell and broke his neck in the theatre. Legend says anyone who sees the acrobat will soon die themselves.

Have you heard of anymore legendary Broadway ghosts or spotted one yourself? Leave a comment below!

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