Tips and Tricks for a new Broadway Fan

New to Broadway and just can't get enough? Here are some of the greatest places online for a new Broadway fan to check out!

Playbill: Not only a great place to get Broadway news, Playbill offers show tickets, discount for Playbill club members, a store and travel section as well as posting about jobs within the Theatre industry. 

Broadway World: Broadway World has the latest in Broadway news and allows fans a forum to talk about all the latest casting, production and show news. Their chat boards have options for Broadway, Off-Broadway and West End fans to talk. A great place to buy tickets and see all of the shows playing on Broadway, has a ton of content. Check out their YouTube account to hear about the latest Broadway news, see interviews of cast members and even go backstage of some shows in several web series. 

Social Media: A ton of Broadway actors are on Instagram and Twitter. You can find out more about the shows they are doing, plans for the future or just their opinions on anything and everything. 

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