Tips and Tricks: Online shopping for Broadway Lovers

Whether you are wanting to expand your own theatre collection or you are looking for a present for your theater-loving friend here are some places online to look for amazing Broadway Merch.
1. Playbill Store: For shows that are currently running or classics that have closed the Playbill store has everything. You can shop by show, type or just browse until you find what you are looking for. Check it out here
2. Broadway Goods: This online shop dedicated solely to broadway merchandise has apparel, collectibles, books, and albums. Shop until you drop by clicking here
3. Show Sites: If you are looking for merchandise for a show that is running on Broadway currently going to the show site is a great place to start! Most shows will sell the merchandise they have at the theater on their website. Check out the Once on this Island store here.
4. Amazon: Amazon sells everything including some awesome merchandise for Broadway lovers. There are board games, puzzles, Theatre themed shirts, and so much more!
5. Etsy: You can find tons of unique, handmade, vintage, and custom Broadway merchandise on Etsy. Just search for a show or for general theatre merchandise. You can order everything from custom designed converse to ornaments and everything in between. 
Have another place you love to get your Broadway merch online? Share it in the comments below!

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