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If you love Broadway and listen to show tunes, this game is a must have. If you can count on one hand the number of musicals you've seen, you can still play it and have fun, but not as much fun. There are cards where you have to act out a death scene or make an entrance as a villain (evil laugh required). Perform a skill that no one else can do or pitch a Broadway musical about your life. It's not all about singing and dancing so anyone can play and have fun even if they can't sing every word of Les Miz.

Connie Stewart

As an adult music teacher who often has big parties with other music buffs, this game was a hit! It's funny, it's not complicated, but it's very, very fun! We had a good time doing the wide range of 'talent' challenges and it was varied enough that it seemed to appeal to both ultimate musical fans and people who didn't know quite as much. It would be pretty difficult for people who aren't familiar with musicals to play it (but why would they?).

H. Evans

y daughter who is 13 loves Broadway and loves this game. It's kind of like "The Game of Life" but with a Broadway theme. You do soft of need to have some knowledge of Broadway songs, as there are times in the game where you get extra credit if you can sing songs from various Broadway shows.


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I have a teenager who loves theater and this board game was just what we didn't know we needed to add to our family game nights! Even my husband who "isn't into the theater" got into the game.

Jenn M.

I got this for my family as a Christmas present. We're all Broadway lovers so it was really fun to see how much we really knew and didn't know. I couldn't believe how we sometimes couldn't think of any lyrics to songs from our favorite shows! It's a pretty long game since everyone has to make it to the end to find out the winner, but I think it was worth it.

Sarah H.

We love this game!! Similar to The Game of Life, but much more enjoyable for this theatre family! This game is perfect for all ages of theatre lovers. You have to know your shows, but it's a blast!

Trivium T.