Be A Broadway Star Board Game

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  • Be A Broadway Star: This isn't one of your typical board games, this is the Broadway board game that puts you in the spotlight! Act, sing, and guess your way to success as you navigate the high stakes world of the Broadway theater! It's going to be a showstopper for sure, so break a leg!
  • Fun for the Whole Family: Be A Broadway Star! is designed to be played by 2 to 6 players, from ages 8 and up. Whether you're a family of musical theater nerds or teaching a classroom of Broadway theatre prospects, you'll have a blast showing off your musical and theater knowledge, while also learning some new trivia!
  • Broadway Musical Gifts for Theater Lovers: We all have Broadway musical and theater lovers in our lives and there's no better option for birthday, Christmas or congratulatory gifts than the Be A Broadway Star board game! Anyone who enjoys board games, charades, or trivia will also have a blast testing out their acting skills!
  • The Show Must Go On: Spontaneous musical numbers ahead! Start out at acting school, buy yourself some headshots, get your equity card, and be ready to audition with the interactive "make or break" cards that just might have you singing and dancing on your turn! Whoever has the most fans at the end wins so don't get upstaged!
  • The Best In Broadway Games: Be A Broadway Star! is the theater and musical game that combines trivia and charades with a classic board game style game play! Founded after realizing there weren't any truly great board games designed for theater lovers, Be A Broadway Star! was made to fill that role. Can you make it to the Broadway Hall of Fame?


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